We lock absolutely everything.

Introducing Smalox, the smart, small and eco-friendly electronic lock that combines efficient security with a compact design, ensuring both convenience and sustainability.

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Fields of application

Smalox is characterised by practical and safe applications of various types, wherever the smallest space, the lowest weight or even silence with the highest efficiency is required.

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Key boxes, lockers, letter & parcel boxes

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Furniture & Kitchens

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Wireless Power Share

We use the NFC field that every smartphone builds up not only for communication and thus to authenticate the user, but also tap into the energy of the field with a completely new chip here.

  • This energy is then used to drive an actuator that opens our lock via intelligent kinematics
  • Thus, the user only has to follow the instructions on his smartphone, bring the phone close to the lock and have the access token to open the lock

Building on SMA technology, we use shape memory materials combined with smart kinematics to make locking systems simpler. The SMA material - a nickel-titanium alloy in wire form - is shortened by energising it.

  • The use of shape memory alloys (SMA) originates from the medical field and has been used there for many decades for a variety of applications, e.g. stents
  • SMA are special metals that change their shape or shorten when exposed to heat induced by electricity; when cooled, the material expands again and returns to its original shape
  • Shape memory alloys have a specific power density that is up to 1,000 times higher than that of piezo or magnetic actuators and have a service life of 100,000 to several million cycles

SMA - Shape Memory Alloy

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STIWA Advanced Products is your partner for innovative product solutions. With development in Austria and production in the three major markets USA, China and Europe we stand for worldwide production excellence.

By mastering comprehensive manufacturing and production technologies - in combination with innovative product technologies - we support our customers in achieving technology leadership in their markets.

By working openly and transparently with customers, technology partners and suppliers, we push the boundaries of what is technologically possible and bring innovative ideas to mass production.

  • Your one-stop shop from idea to production
  • Over 700 employees from design to assembly
  • Maximum flexibility from small to large scale production
  • Worldwide production
  • Over 52,000 square metres of manufacturing space



Our customers are our most important source of innovation: their experiences and needs are our inspiration for new products. We pursue one goal: to develop new product solutions through innovative and disruptive approaches and thereby accompany our customers on their path to becoming technology leaders.

Stefan Gehmayr
Head of Sales & Marketing
STIWA Advanced Products